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We at Running of the Leaves con are happy to announce our special guest Solrac.

Solrac (also known as Yaplap) unintentionally joined the fandom after posting a “Leak” of the Second Season’s MLP:FiM Intro, only to blast away the viewer with an ear-shattering, yet oddly entertaining screaming cover. Solrac immediately gained a tremendous number of followers! Since then, Solrac continues to scream various MLP:FiM songs, collaborates with various Brony Musicians, and teamed up with ACRacebest to create the infamous “Bronies React” series. Besides shouting to the top of his lungs, Solrac has a great vision for new and original projects, such as the Never-Ending tribute to his fans: SOLRACUEST and the upcoming Animated Series: Solrac Ventures. Is it the passion and anger that he puts into his work? Or his love to entertain an audience? Or his flowing Mane, that make Solrac so widely loved by almost everyone he meets. If you see him walking around the con, don’t be afraid to greet him, he loves to make new friends! (Don’t worry, he won’t shout at you, too loudly.)

We also are announcing our KeyCard Guest special PAR-TAY.

No don’t go, there is cookies and punch by the door.  We will be having a special 2 hour block for all hotel guest (you must show your key to enter) to meet and greet our Guest of honor.  Each hotel room allows you four keys so please share your room with your friends.  Also, there actually will be cookies and punch by the door.  Hotel room purchases help out our con a lot they allow us to have our guest so we want to show our gratitude to you.

Our next announcement is for our contributing artists we have created a page for all the artists who work so hard to help put this site together.  So please check out our artist page and show them your support.

drjavi is having a special auction and there is only a week left so hurry before it’s to late.