It was beginning to get dark but that did not symbolize it getting late, not today anyway.  Tonight was Night Mare Night, a night filled with wonder and excitement, chills and spills.  On this Night A little lavender filly was getting dressed up in her bunny costume and meet her friends for the fun happening down at the Night Mare Night dance.  She couldn’t contain herself when she walked in the door and saw the spider toss.  The excited little filly ran up and started tossing spiders at the net but just couldn’t get one to stick and win herself a prize.  Saddened by this she decided to go elsewhere when she saw the sign for the costume contest, ” maybe my costume will win this year,” she said to herself.

“As if,” she heard these words and looked around her for the jerk, but he was no where to be found.  She decided to ignore the rude comment and go try her hoof at pin the tail on the donkey.  She saw the purple tail and could not help herself but trot over to it with a giant grin so wide she had to close her eyes.  She approached her purple prize ready to play a game only to find it missing from the table she looked up once again looking for some pony with the purple tail but she saw no evidence of this pony once again.  Disappointed she walked to the side of the room a forlorn look on her face.

More on that in our next update.

Anyhoof we will be having plenty of amazing party games at our Night Mare Night party including but certainly not limited to: a costume contest, pin the tail on the pony, the beloved spider toss, a guessing game, live musicians, and the Batmararang bottle knocking over game.  All free to play, and all with prizes.