OK, first off I would like to apologize for missing yesterday’s update.  I will be doing two updates today.

So you heard our pleas for help and we heard your comments.  We told you we needed rooms sold or there would be no con and you told us rooms and tickets would be really difficult to purchase.  So, we looked our budget over and decided that we will give away FREE Badges to the first 75 people to buy a hotel room for 3 entire nights.  If you have any questions regarding this information please do not hesitate to ask us!

Next up on the list, we now accept donations.  Unfortunately legally we can only accept them as a transaction and therefore they are taxed as though you were being sold an object (which you will receive a gift!)  On the page it will have a shipping fee but that will make it equal the amount of the donation you clicked the number for so it won’t pull a fast one on you. ; )