Lochlan O’Neil of Too Rad Cosplay first discovered My Little Pony in spring of 2011 and was immediately attached and began drawing fanart and browsing sites such as Equestria Daily. Soon after she discovered cosplay and knew it was her calling as she had always wished that Halloween could be every day!

Lochlan’s first cosplay, Pinkie Pie was what she called “a terrible abomination,” but she didn’t let that get her down and worked hard on cosplays from a wide verities including Homestuck and several animes in addition to MLP, but ponies make up the majority.

Lochlan began running a variety of My Little Pony panels in 2012 and has had large rooms closed off due to overcrowding in her very popular “Ask-A-Pony” panels. If you happen to see Lochlan, go ahead and greet her as she loves to talk about her love of ponies and cosplay. She will be running several Discussion Panels at RotL Con and is one of the Cosplay Contest judges.