Hello there, everypony! Sorry about the lack of updates. We were working hard to make this convention some money this week. If you are wondering why the Donation Page may be down, it is because we have met our needs for the convention, and no longer need as much help. To those who donated,  bought a badge or a hotel room, or even just spread word about our convention, thank you so much! This convention would not exist without you!

We need more volunteers! Our Volunteer Coordinator is ready and willing to accept more volunteers and will be contacting existing ones to assign duties. For those who did not look into volunteering, please do! The rewards of volunteering are many, and include free badges for next year, convention stuff, and even superpowers (we are not sure if Volunteer Coordinator can actually give anyone superpowers, but he demanded we put this in).

We are also looking for artists. As some of you may know, we have a Deviantart account, and a Deviantart Group  to display art contributed to ROTLCON, and share our own efforts. Contact us there if you would like to give us some pictures in exchange for free advertising, contest opportunities, and awesome discounts! Amber Leaf, Autumn WInd, Cloudy Amethyst, and Pumpkin Seed need more pictures!

Thanks for making this an awesome, awesome convention!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Should we have a Tumblr for our ponies? Send us an email telling us what you think, including your pony OC’s reference (a short paragraph and/or a link to the picture) if you think we should, and we may just draw your pony OC! One of our Con Staff artists could use the practice!