We are already well under way in making preparations for this year’s Running of the Leaves Con. This time around, we have three community guests to announce!

Odyssey Eurobeat
Running of the Leaves Con is happy to welcome back the ever talented Eurobeat Brony, who will be performing during our annual dance/rave! Look forward to an awesome performance, including some of his hit singles!

Joining him on our stage this year is Cyril the Wolf! Making his ROTL Con debut this year, Cyril is another talented musician who got his star in the brony community and become well known in the MLP fandom.

Too Rad Cosplay
Also returning to ROTL this year is our local cosplay guest, Lochlan O’Neil, a.k.a. Too Rad Cosplay! Lochlan will be hosting a number of panels at the convention this year, and will be seen about the con floor in her many cosplays!

Look forward to more updates soon, including vendor applications, attendee pre-registration, and more guests!