We are proud to present our absolutely fantastic line-up of musicians this year, including our special mystery guest! I wonder who it could be?

Friday night:

Matt Nasi Band (60 minutes)
Mystery Guest (unsure)
We Are CraZy (30 minutes)
Cyril the Wolf (45 minutes)
Jeff Burgess (45 minutes)
Bella Morte (60 minutes)

Saturday night:

Freewave (30 minutes)
TIF (30 minutes)
Hacked (30 minutes)
Mathematicus (30 minutes)
Ponyfirestone (30 minutes)
Seventh Element (30 minutes)
Aviators (45 minutes)
Garnika (45 minutes)
Eurobeat Brony (45 minutes)
Black Gryph0n and Michelle Creber (90 minutes)

Also, we found an error on our panel submissions page. The submissions deadline is October 31st, not August, so keep those ideas coming, fillies!