Howdy everyone!

We at Running of the Leaves would like to thank the OVER 800 people who have already registered for the con this year, and for all you music buffs we’ve got some exciting news for you today!

Some of our musicians have agreed to do a PRIVATE screening in addition to their other shows for a limited number of people who book their rooms with the Holiday Inn (RotL’s location this year)! The first 100 people who line up with a hotel room key and a badge will be allowed access to this event. Food and beverage will be provided!

So far Eurobeat Brony, Cyril the Wolf, and Jeff Burgess will be performing during this exclusive event! In fact Jeff will be revealing some unreleased acoustic material for any who attend, so get hype and make sure you have a room with the Holiday Inn! We’ll see you there in a month!

(image courtesy of Hackd)