Hey everyone. We’ve got a bit of a rough spot that we’re in.

We are struggling. We are struggling to pay for the event space and for some of our big names to attend. We only just found out tonight just how bad it is, and why.

We are struggling because of a lack of room sales. You guys, the people attending our event, staying at the preferred hotel (ie the one hosting the event) allows us to rent the event space for free if we can sell enough rooms. For whatever reason, room sales this year have been really bad, and we don’t know why. Badge sales have greatly exceeded expectations, yet room sales might as well be nonexistent. Whether you have booked your stay with another hotel, or whether you haven’t booked yet for whatever reason, know this: the lack of room sales hurts us and makes it tough for us to provide you with a top quality event.

As of right now nearly all the money we’ve made in vendor table sales and in badge sales is going to paying for the event space because not enough rooms for the event have been sold at the preferred venue (Holiday Inn). This means that, unfortunately, we are going to have to decline the attendance several of our guests because we cannot afford them, and in fact Aviators has already cancelled his appearance. We do not blame him for doing so.

To those who haven’t booked your rooms yet, please PLEASE book your stay at the Holiday Inn! To those who booked your room elsewhere, know that this impacts everybody as we can not provide the best experience possible without room sales at our venue. And finally, to those few who’ve booked your rooms at the Holiday Inn already, thank you. Sincerely, thank you.

Please bear with us as we still try to make this year as best as we can.