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Then bring it up with our con director… directly!

From here on out, our con director, Joey, will be making himself available at 6PM each night Monday-Friday on Skype to discuss the future of Running of the Leaves Con with anybody!

Just add josephcrawford22 on Skype and message him at 6 pm. He will do his best to be available and respond whenever possible!

Let’s make this next year one to remember – together!


Charity Auction ROTLcon 2016

Mares and gentlecolts,

It is with great pleasure that the Charities department of Running of the Leaves convention is already hitting the ground running for this next convention season. Currently we have an auctioneer, but are always looking for volunteers and staff. If you would like to get involved or just have ideas please get in touch with us.

Thank you,

Mystic Knight
Brady Howard
Director of Charities

As we promised…

Alrighty folks Registration is up for next year.  I will be giving further details on this particular piece of news by *8:00 PM tomorrow evening.  The link to our registration is here.  Our web page will be updated in the near future.


Mares and gentlecolts the post convention work is taking a little longer than expected due to this registration was not able to be opened today, 11/9/2015, as promised. However we are happy to announce that registration will be open tomorrow, 11/10/2015, we are sorry for any inconveniance this may have caused everypony.

❤ The Stable of Directors

ROTLCon is Proud to Present: SilverQuill

Horsefamous (grffinfamous?) reviewer and all-around cool guy, SilverQuill, will be flying in to our little even this weekend! Everybody be sure to give him a warm welcome!

A big congratulations to Madison!!!

Madison you are the first to register not only for ROTL but as a VIP registrant.  We thank you for your support through all of these years.  We hope for your continued support.  That being said, we here at ROTLcon are ecstatic to bestow upon you both knighthood in the Kingdom of the Leaves and in addition to that we will grant you a VIP badge for ROTL 2016 and a free Convention Lanyard.

We ask for everyone’s help in congratulating Madison in this celebratory moment.

It’s Finally Here!

The long awaited 2015 schedule is now available here!

Please note that we are still taking panel submissions here and may still make last minute changes as needed, but this is the version going to print.

If your panel needs to be moved or added, please email by Thursday to make any last minute changes.

Also, there were some minor changes to the vendor hall hours on Friday. Please see the schedule for those.

Download PDF Version: 2015 ROTL Schedule

(Click the image below to view a bigger version!)

Vendor Hall Hours!

By popular demand, here are our vendor hall hours!

Friday 12am-7pm ; Setup opening around 8am or sooner
Saturday 10am-6pm ; Setup at 8am
Sunday 10am-4pm ; Setup at 8am

If we are able, we will try to have the room open for vendors to setup Thursday evening.

Only a few more days everyone! Remember to have fun and don’t forget to:


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