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As we promised…

Alrighty folks Registration is up for next year.  I will be giving further details on this particular piece of news by *8:00 PM tomorrow evening.  The link to our registration is here.  Our web page will be updated in the near future.



Mares and gentlecolts the post convention work is taking a little longer than expected due to this registration was not able to be opened today, 11/9/2015, as promised. However we are happy to announce that registration will be open tomorrow, 11/10/2015, we are sorry for any inconveniance this may have caused everypony.

❤ The Stable of Directors

A big congratulations to Madison!!!

Madison you are the first to register not only for ROTL but as a VIP registrant.  We thank you for your support through all of these years.  We hope for your continued support.  That being said, we here at ROTLcon are ecstatic to bestow upon you both knighthood in the Kingdom of the Leaves and in addition to that we will grant you a VIP badge for ROTL 2016 and a free Convention Lanyard.

We ask for everyone’s help in congratulating Madison in this celebratory moment.

Help us out! Book your room at the Holiday Inn!

Hey everyone. We’ve got a bit of a rough spot that we’re in.

We are struggling. We are struggling to pay for the event space and for some of our big names to attend. We only just found out tonight just how bad it is, and why.

We are struggling because of a lack of room sales. You guys, the people attending our event, staying at the preferred hotel (ie the one hosting the event) allows us to rent the event space for free if we can sell enough rooms. For whatever reason, room sales this year have been really bad, and we don’t know why. Badge sales have greatly exceeded expectations, yet room sales might as well be nonexistent. Whether you have booked your stay with another hotel, or whether you haven’t booked yet for whatever reason, know this: the lack of room sales hurts us and makes it tough for us to provide you with a top quality event.

As of right now nearly all the money we’ve made in vendor table sales and in badge sales is going to paying for the event space because not enough rooms for the event have been sold at the preferred venue (Holiday Inn). This means that, unfortunately, we are going to have to decline the attendance several of our guests because we cannot afford them, and in fact Aviators has already cancelled his appearance. We do not blame him for doing so.

To those who haven’t booked your rooms yet, please PLEASE book your stay at the Holiday Inn! To those who booked your room elsewhere, know that this impacts everybody as we can not provide the best experience possible without room sales at our venue. And finally, to those few who’ve booked your rooms at the Holiday Inn already, thank you. Sincerely, thank you.

Please bear with us as we still try to make this year as best as we can.

VIP Special Meet/Greet/Show


Howdy everyone!

We at Running of the Leaves would like to thank the OVER 800 people who have already registered for the con this year, and for all you music buffs we’ve got some exciting news for you today!

Some of our musicians have agreed to do a PRIVATE screening in addition to their other shows for a limited number of people who book their rooms with the Holiday Inn (RotL’s location this year)! The first 100 people who line up with a hotel room key and a badge will be allowed access to this event. Food and beverage will be provided!

So far Eurobeat Brony, Cyril the Wolf, and Jeff Burgess will be performing during this exclusive event! In fact Jeff will be revealing some unreleased acoustic material for any who attend, so get hype and make sure you have a room with the Holiday Inn! We’ll see you there in a month!

(image courtesy of Hackd)

20 short days

Looks like we are only 20 days away from the day our pre reg is closed.  At the door prices are higher so you better hop in soon.

Music Line-up & Panel Submissions Deadline Update

We are proud to present our absolutely fantastic line-up of musicians this year, including our special mystery guest! I wonder who it could be?

Friday night:

Matt Nasi Band (60 minutes)
Mystery Guest (unsure)
We Are CraZy (30 minutes)
Cyril the Wolf (45 minutes)
Jeff Burgess (45 minutes)
Bella Morte (60 minutes)

Saturday night:

Freewave (30 minutes)
TIF (30 minutes)
Hacked (30 minutes)
Mathematicus (30 minutes)
Ponyfirestone (30 minutes)
Seventh Element (30 minutes)
Aviators (45 minutes)
Garnika (45 minutes)
Eurobeat Brony (45 minutes)
Black Gryph0n and Michelle Creber (90 minutes)

Also, we found an error on our panel submissions page. The submissions deadline is October 31st, not August, so keep those ideas coming, fillies!

Two more fantastic musicians join our line-up!

This year we have two more musicians joining our line-up!

Please welcome Seventh Element to our lovely con this year! He will be joining our other fabulous artists on stage at our concert.

Also coming to our stage this year, please welcome back PonyFireStone! Another returning artist this year, so please make it another fantastic year for him!

Actually, make it a fantastic year for all of our musicians! I’m sure they look forward to seeing you as much as you do them!

Please stay tuned for more updates coming soon, including our current vendor list, as well as more musicians!

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